Immersive TradeShow Events

Leave the tech to us.

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What We Offer

The Magic of Three

15 Months

Pro Membership

Exclusive Benefits , Branded Immersive Spaces

Value: $3735

Network Security

Elite Community Access to Network and Generate Leads

Global networking
Website Builder Responsive Design Screen Multidevices

Available 24/7, Global Time Zones, All Devices

Smart Phones, Tablets,

Mac and PC Computers

VR Headsets

What We Offer

The Magic of Three

Booth Space in 3 Locations

We build it once and it’s there for use 365 days of the year

Value: $11,205

Host Unlimited Paid Events

Done With You & Done For You Paid Events, Recurring Revenue

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Expert Training for Success

Beyond The Stage Expert Training, All in One Marketing Toolkit includes 30 Sec Commercial

Value: $500

What We Offer

The Magic of Three


Dive into a Thriving Virtual Marketplace

Generate Recurring Income


Engage Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7, all Time Zones, Globally, on all Devices.

Grow & Thrive

Discover Tailored Opportunities, Custom Fit For Your Business

Six and Seven Figure Outcomes

What We Offer

The Magic of Three

The Speakers Journey

Why Speakers love these spaces for hoisting event.

The Authors Journey

Why Authors love launch parties, book/course exposure from hosting events.

The Healers Journey

No matter the modality, spaces in Elinxus opens you up to the world.


Spaces for Business

Education and more

We put the Client First

Engineer a Fit For Purpose

Done For You Immersive Space

Simple Easy Access for

Hosts and Attendees

We Provide Podcasts, Stages, Galleries, Private Offices, Libraries, Tradeshow Spaces...

The New Era of

TradeShows & Events

Booths, Ad Space and Events become walk-in-websites that generate recurring income

My Prediction for 2024!

The Elinxus Team is

leading the way!

Immersive Experiences will be responsible for generating more Millionaires' in a shorter period of time.

  • Evolving Technology is the Key to Thrive by Maximizing Global Exposure

  • Online Business is Becoming the Norm

  • Companies joining immersive spaces are Boing, UPS, Amazon, L’Oreal, Lowe’s, Audi, Ford, BMW, IKEA, Cisco, McDonald’s, Walmart, Macy’s...
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My Prediction for 2024!


  • Fully Immersive Events Save High Setup Costs & Travel Costs, Save Irreplaceable Time, Generate Recurring Income, 24/7 Access in all Time Zones on all Devices-Mobile Phones, Mac & PC computers, VR headsets

  • Host Unlimited Paid Events, Build it Once, Use it 365 days of the year, Summits, Podcasts, TradeShows, Masterminds, Entertainment, Education, Business and Fun
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Builder Package

Business Solutions

Authors-Speakers-Healers-Event Hosts

Chambers-Education-Business to Business

Limited Offer $5000

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Be a Leader in the TradeShow Movement, Engage in the Transition, Position Yourself as the Expert in your Industry